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Kathy Wang is a fully qualified acupuncturist.

With over 20 years experience, Kathy is a master in Japanese and Chinese acupuncture techniques. She has a Bachelor, Master and PHD degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.Her PHD studies emphasis is in Reproductive health and IVF support, however she also work with clients on all area of health and vitality, issues such as stress, anxiety, migraine ,digestive disorder, skin problems etc

And she has an unusually gentle touch. Kathy Wang also has a fine focus on the real problem and how best to solve it.

Dispelling acupuncture myths

Myth 1

Acupuncture is painful

Acupuncture needles are 25-50 times thinner than a hypodermic needle. And gentle acupuncture is Kathy Wang’s specialty. You may feel a dull ache or a tingling sensation at most. Some feel nothing at all. Most find our acupuncture treatments relaxing and enjoyable. Talk to Kathy

Myth 2

Chinese medicine doesn’t work

Clinical studies have proven that acupuncture and Chinese herbs are genuinely effective for pain relief, fertility, asthma and more. See the variety here. link to What’s the problem BUT one treatment rarely resolves the issue for the long-term. And long-term wellness is what we aim to achieve.

Myth 3

Acupuncture is the same as dry needling

They use the same needles, but have distinctly different approaches. Dry needling only assists with musculoskeletal issues and focuses on the symptom. The needle is penetrated into the muscle, inactivating trigger points by causing localised hemorrhaging in the area of pain. Acupuncture focuses on both symptom and underlying cause. The needle activates meridians in the body and treats many health conditions beyond pain relief.

What Kathy uses to revitalize health?

Acupuncture: Japanese & Chinese



Chinese herbs

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