Chinese Cupping Therapy Perth

As part of our range of traditional Chinese medicine, we can also offer traditional cupping therapy Perth locals can enjoy either alongside their acupuncture treatment or used alone.

Cupping has an ancient history in China. It has been held in great favour by many people for thousands of years. Its earliest recorded use originated from the Taoist alchemist and herbalist by the name of Ge Hong around the 3rd Century AD and there is an ancient Chinese saying associated with him with states: “acupuncture and cupping, more than half of the ills cured”.Chinese cups on persons back

With our Chinese cupping, clients can look forward to receive a procedure that is claimed to be a means to perform deep tissue therapy. Similarly to acupuncture, cupping follows the meridians and uses these points to align and relax qi as well as other ailments. It is said to help with illnesses which arise from excess, pathogens and the stagnation of qi. Traditional Chinese cupping has been alleged to loosen muscles, relieve tension, aid the blood circulation, promote relaxation, calm the nervous system and reduce blood pressure. It can has also been said to be beneficial for the respiratory system and attempting to clear the airways, potentially aiding with asthma or colds.

Facial acupunctureAfter experiencing cupping, customers can hope to feel relieved of their stresses and anxieties as the process itself is thought to be very calming and therapeutic. The cups merely need to be placed at the most suitable points for you and then you will be free to just lie back and relax. The treatment is always done at your own pace with the utmost care and attention and we always want you to feel comfortable throughout. We believe that cupping can prove to be even more beneficial when used alongside our other acupuncture procedures as the two focus on similar traditional theories of Chinese medicine and the flow of qi.