What to expect

Young boy next to nurse

Your first acupuncture session

Initial treatments are usually an hour. This gives us time to talk through what’s bothering you.

It also gives your expert acupuncturist, Kathy Wang time to give you a thorough treatment to begin real recovery.

Chinese acupuncture needles next to some herbs

What is the clinic like?

Privacy and tranquillity is important for discussing your health, and to relax while you are having a treatment.

So we have Individual rooms devoted to consultations, not just curtained-off areas.

Acupuncture needle

Chinese or Japanese acupuncture?

That depends on what is best for you and your body. The needle is the same. The difference is in the technique used. More on Chinese and Japanese acupuncture here

Various herbs

Will Chinese herbs also be dispensed?

Not necessarily. Again, it depends on what is best for your body.

Herbs may be recommended, but taking them is ultimately your choice. You can also choose between powder, tablet and raw herbs.

Chinese cupping on person's back


Kathy may use cupping in your treatment to improve blood circulation to certain areas, which can boost your health significantly – more on cupping


Moxibustion may be used in your treatment. ‘Moxa’ is a gentle technique, heating certain acupuncture points to stimulate blood circulation and enhance the effects of cupuncture – more on moxibustion

Chinese teapot with two cups of tea and some tea leaves

Advice on diet/nutrition

Kathy offers advice on diet and nutrition when appropriate. Far from being a ‘mung bean fundamentalist’, Kathy works with you on a plan that is manageable and motivating for you.